Personal Development is at the Heart
of What We Do

Thought Coach specialises in interpersonal skills development through Applied NLP.

Thought Coach aims to be leader in the field of Personal Development through its innovative Interpersonal Communication Skills NLP Courses.

When you change the way you think, you then change the way you feel and in turn the way you behave.

Meet Julie Rice

I am Passionate about Improving Interpersonal Skills that Make Positive Changes in People’s Lives

My purpose is to challenge you and inspire you to become your optimal self and make the interpersonal impact you should.

I teach you how to implement powerful NLP skills and mind-set strategies that rocket your interpersonal communication skills to the next level.

My 15 years of knowledge and expertise in coaching, NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and change psychology are provided for you to navigate your life and build upon your unique strengths and resources.

Many personal development courses that focus on soft skills have a common problem – they attend to the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ but neglect the ‘HOW’.

Thought Coach is focused on Applied NLP, in other words how to use NLP to improve interpersonal communication skills in work and life.

You work with me personally to tap into my extensive how-to knowledge gained from working with 1000s of people one-on-one while discovering what really works – (and what doesn’t).

Get in touch and empower your self-development journey.

Julie Rice
Personal Development Coach
Master NLP Practitioner

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