Certified Thought Coach Training Program Details

  • Module 1: Coaching Foundations & Beyond


    4 x Days Live Classroom Learning


    You will know how to run your own coaching sessions after this 4 day face-to-face training.

    You will learn transformational NLP coaching skills that get to the core of your clients’ belief systems, navigate their map of the world and open up their potential.

    You will build foundational coaching skills so you can provide clients with effective strategies, clear and concise goal setting and know how to hold them accountable while also facilitating insight into how they can move themselves forward through any obstacles.

    Key Areas

    What Coaching is

    ICF Core Competencies

    Intro to NLP Coaching Tools

    Live coaching practice and feedback

    Setting up the Coaching Relationship

  • Module 2: Application & Integration in Practice


    8 weeks
    Home Study: Assignments and Peer Work


    Following the completion of module 1, you integrate what you have learned so far through peer coaching with feedback, required reading, self study assignments and coaching teleconferences.

    You will also learn how to identify and challenge emotional and behavioural patterns in yourself and others. Ultimately this is the basis of how to help clients in each area of their life and create meaningful change.

    You will be challenged to apply what you have learned while also expanding upon your knowledge.

    You will also complete peer coaching sessions with expert feedback.

    Key Areas

    Peer Coaching Sessions

    How to Create Powerful Questions

    Conference Calls: Deep Dive into Key Coaching Concepts

    Weekly Homework designed to deepen your understanding

    Further Reading and Essays

  • Module 3: Thought Coach Practitioner


    2 x Days Live Classroom Learning


    This module continues to build upon your skills learned in modules 1 and 2.

    You will understand how to apply NLP core concepts and use breakthrough NLP tools to overcome deep emotional and psychological barriers to success.

    You will also develop knowledge of how to use the power of communication – language patterns, metaphor and impactful questioning –  to create sustainable, long-term change for others.

    You will continue to develop as a coach through live coaching practice, assignments and further reading and study.

    You will also be supported in identifying how you will move forward with your coaching expertise. Focus on the coaching niche you are interested in and how to get there.

    Key Areas

    Peer Coaching Sessions

    Use Language Patterns to Create Rapport and Change

    Advanced NLP Coaching Gap Tools

    Identifying your niche and the way forward


  • 6 Month Course
  • 6 Days Face-to-Face Training
  • 64+ Hours Training and Study


  • 50+ Trainer Contact Hours
  • 30+ Hours Live Coaching Practice
  • Evidence Backed NLP Coaching


  • Help to Find Your Niche
  • Business Support
  • A Coaching Cohort

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